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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I own a fair bit of makeup, so there are some products which don't get used as much as I'd like them to. Although I tell myself to switch the products in my makeup bag often, I find myself sticking with the same things constantly. This month, I've been trying especially hard to get some use out of my lesser loved makeup items, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter
I've been wearing highlighter more often recently, my current favourite being featured in the Sleek Face Form palette. This Benefit highlighter, despite being amazing, hasn't received a lot of use from me, which I've changed over the previous weeks.. It's creamy and feels really soft on the skin, blending in to create a natural sheen on the tops of my cheekbones. The cream to powder finish also means that this product will last a long time.

Bare Minerals Loose Powder Blush
When I first got this product, I fell in love with how it looks on my skin and really enjoyed wearing it. It is matte and looks natural, yet adds a hint of colour and radiance to your cheeks. The only downside, which you'll find with any loose powder blush, is that it goes everywhere, making it fairly messy and time consuming to apply. It has been this reason that stopped me from wearing this product as much, but after using it again I've realised why I originally loved it.

Barry M Natural Glow Palette
This product used to be my go-to eyeshadow palette for a long time, but I started to use less and less as new ones came into my collection. There is a selection of beautiful eyeshadows that are suitable for the lid, crease and highlighting, each one having a great amount of pigmentation and applying really well. It's a gorgeous palette that has the perfect shades for any look, so I'm sure I'll be using this a lot more in the upcoming future.

Avon Colour Trend Lipstick
I absolutely adore this lipstick and think that it looks gorgeous on the lips. I have it in the shade 'Coral Wisp' which is a lovely coral pink that looks natural yet still really pretty. I haven't been using this as much lately as it has been winter, whereas this is more of a colour that I'd wear in the warmer seasons. However, now that spring is on its way, I'm looking forward to having this in my makeup bag and wearing it more often!

So these are the products that I'm currently revisiting! Honestly, I still love all of these products and tend to swap items in my makeup bag often, so these will be getting a lot of love. Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this style of post. Let me know down in the comments what products you've been revisiting lately and what you'd like to use more often.

Love from Daisy x

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  1. Hi! The Avon lipsticks I heard are great, I so want to try them out! great post btw :) x Josune, Your Beauty Script

    Latest post :

    1. Yes, I really like it and think that they're great quality! Thank you very much and I love your blog! x

  2. Ah I'm always revisiting Bare Minerals products, they're so good! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

    1. I've actually only recently started trying them, but I'm really impressed and will continue to use them in the future! x

  3. I loved the review, but I confess I had to google up every product/shade, because I simply couldn't picture how they were, haha. I want to try the Natural Glow Palette in the near future now :)
    words at dawn

    1. I realised that I should've photographed the palette open, oops! I might post a full review of it if you'd be interested though x

  4. What are the colours/ pigmentation like in the eyeshadow pallete? Xx

    1. The mattes are quite sheer upon first swatch, but they can be built up for a much more intense look. As for the three darker shimmery colours, they have amazing pigmentation and are really bold. The blush gives a lovely subtle glow and highlight. Hope this helped! xx